Leave A Legacy Of Medical Education: How To Donate Your Body To Science

What Are Your Plans?

Long after your spirit vacates your body, will you be resting comfortably six feet under? Adorning the family mantel in an urn full of ashes? Or perhaps your cadaver will still be working, giving back to science?

After your soul has “left the building,” the body you now inhabit can help to

beautify and
improve the lives of those left behind.

Before you say “yuck,” take a closer look at the process of donating your body to science. Then decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Vintage Harlequin Presents book reviews

good romances

The Harlequin Presents line was created in the early 1980s as an addition to the successful Mills and Boon line. Harlequin Romances had younger, more innocent heroines , whereas Harlequin Presents featured strong women who weren’t necessarily virgins. Even if they were virgins, they might not wait for their wedding night for sex. There is less of a difference between the two lines now, but Harlequin Presents tend to be more erotic than the Romance line.

I have a problem with some of the Harlequin Presents, some of the men can be pretty brutal. But some of the titles are very good and I will be reviewing them at this site. I have transferred titles from Vintage Romance Reviews which will now be dedicated to only Harlequin Romances.

When Janis married Perry Caton, after a very short acquaintance, she was in no doubt as to what she was doing. It was a marriage of convenience. If he did not marry by a certain date, Perry would lose his inheritance and the family home he loved above everything else; Janis was alone in the world and penniless—so what, really, had she to lose? In any case, Perry had made it clear that in due course they would “do the obvious thing” about the situation—and Janis understood what he meant by that. As time went on she began to feel that it would be no hardship to put her marriage on a normal footing—until it began to dawn on her that perhaps that was not what Perry meant at all.

Janis has a minor leg injury that turns serious and she takes a long time recovering. She thinks the marriage hasn’t been consummated because she is not strong enough. There is an evil cousin who tries to keep them apart, he wanted the estate.

Janis is walking along the side of the road and is grazed by a car who grabs her and puts her in his car. It is Perry and he takes her to the hospital, leaving her suitcase behind. She wasn’t looking where she was going because she was upset. She has no family and had been dismissed that day from her post as nanny. We find out later she was dismissed because a member of the household fell in love with her. She has no money because until recently she had been giving all her money to the relatives who took her in when she was a child. They have left the country so she is now all alone. So Perry takes her home, he isn’t very nice about it but he does.

Perry had recently been engaged and he was in love with his fiancée, Glenda. But Glenda, was really his cousin’s , Richard, fiancée. They were tricking Perry. Perry has to marry by his birthday to inherit. They planned to have the wedding just before his birthday. Then Glenda would jilt him and he would lose his inheritance. And all of it would go to Richard, who would marry Glenda. But Richard and Glenda were indiscreet and Perry found out a month before his birthday. Richard is not ashamed, in fact, he came to look at Perry’s house . If Perry doesn’t get his inheritance he will have to sell the family home. This engages Perry so much that he proposes to Janis.

There is some miscommunications between Janis and Perry. She thinks this is her home, that she has some place where she belongs. She gets along with the servants and is very happy. But Perry doesn’t understand that , he thinks once she is well, he will send her away somewhere. He will support her, but he doesn’t really see her as his family. These crossed wires, in the context of the story, is believable. I was rooting for Janis, she at last had a home and was happy. But Perry just thought he was letting her stay until she was well. These is some deception on Janis’s part about when she is well, she keeps the doctor’s report to herself. Just so she has more time and she hopes Perry will come to love her. But Perry finds out and is very mad. This is a good story. Richard is a complete villain and not that believable. But I was rooting for Janis the whole time and Perry finally realizes he loves his wife.

Why Access-a-ride Transportation Means Freedom to Me.

I first learned about Access-A-Ride — para-transit transportation — in 2004. Someone my sister knew used it. The woman informed my sister she paid only $2.00 each way, and it’s door to door service. I was stunned, and thought, Yo, I need that. “Can you get the number for me please?” I asked my sister.


“Thanks.” I can not inform you about the rest of our conversation, because all I kept thinking was, I’m going to be able to go places …. I won’t be stuck in this apartment …. I can visit people …. I can shop for anything …. Oh, yeah, I can go to my doctor’s office now.

I know it sounds pitiful, but to me at that moment it was a heavenly visual I was seeing in my mind’s eyes. It was my heaven on earth. I would have gotten up to dance in celebration, but I did not want to pass out. My health’s not too cool. Plus, I was still speaking to my sister. So, that would have been rude.

Years before, when I was informed I could no longer work for health reasons, I actually cried. My father tried to console me, but it did not help. I kept thinking about all the overtime I would no longer be able to do. So his words, “It will be okay.” was not going down well. My father hated my working over time. He thought as a young single woman with no children I did not need to work so hard. My answer would always be, “Momma needs a new pair of shoes Dad.”

“Not funny kid.”

“Um hum.”

I never ever thought I would be without a job due to illness, which is crazy, because my lungs collapsed on me when I was a baby …. I really should not have had most of the jobs I had to be honest, but working was all I knew and I loved it.

Without a job there is no more over time. I became depressed. I guess momma could no longer get a new pair of shoes ….

As the years progressed I became worse health wise. I also realized that fixed incomes are just that fixed. Going to the doctor’s office cost money just to get there, and I had to return home. I just could not afford $6.00 each way. Once I was inside the doctor’s office I had to make a co-payment. It cost $10.00 for my primary care doctor, and $20.00 for a specialist. I was ashamed I could not afford things that was no big deal to me when I worked. I would not even need over time for those tiny fees

My younger brother found out about my transportation dilemma from our mother, and he decided to call me and offer to take me to any appointments I had if I were to leave early in the morning before he went to work at the Barber shop he owned in Harlem, NY.

He took me to three doctor appointments. I was grateful, but uncomfortable with the situation. He had his own life, and I just thought it was wrong. Still, I knew my brother would not stop coming around to pick me up so I began pretending I was fine, and I did not need to see the doctor for anything other than a yearly physical. After I agreed to call him as soon as I needed him he stopped worrying.

Yeah, I am terrible, but I was not use to being helped out so much. It sucked. So after I learned of the Access-A-Ride transportation service I applied. When I qualified I was ecstatic.

My maiden trip was to my nephew’s — Zuri’s — middle school graduation. It was a warm sunny afternoon when I boarded the five passenger — white with blue stripe and letterings — bus. I could not see the driver — through the tinted glass — until he opened the doors. He greeted me with a warm smile as he asked my name. After I gave it I Slowly I boarded the bus with my cane.

I gave him my carfare of $2.00, and went to one of five available seats. After the driver confirmed with me that I was buckled into my seat we were off to Brooklyn.

I really do not remember much of our conversation. I just remember that he was pleasant, and I was just happy to be able to travel on my own.

I arrived at my sister’s apartment in about an hours time. That to me was great timing. After a brief stay in my sister’s apartment. All nine of us took two taxi car services to Brooklyn college. As we drove around to find the entrance I kept thinking, I could have met them here. Next time I will find out the address, and cross streets, and just meet up.

Before we walked into the courtyard of the school we were stopped by some outdoor merchants trying to sell some of the timely graduation gifts. The three adults — myself included — in our large group bought something for my nephew. My nephew had already went through the gates, because he had to go inside with the rest of his graduating class. So he did not witness our purchases.

As we walked past the gates of the court yard I thought how lovely it looked inside. My legs began hurting so I started looking for a place to sit. My gaze came across some benches, and I informed my sister. We all went straight to the benches. All nine of us took up three benches.

We sat and talked for some time before the court yard became crowded. Suddenly, through the crowd I saw my younger brother and his wife walking towards us. Our eyes met and we smiled.

How to Throw a 1960s Theme Party

60s Themed

What’s more fun than throwing a party? Throwing a party that is 60s-themed! The 1960s was a transitional decade, full of changes and excitement. From hippies to modmen and everything in between, the 1960s saw a lot of bold, various styles of fashion and music emerge from the shadows of the ’50s.

Check out these ideas for a 1960s themed party, including ideas for decorations, food, costumes, and more! Whether you’re going for a hippie style or mod style 60s party, you’ll find some great ideas here.
60s Themed Decorations

If you’re going for a hippie-style 60s theme party, finding decorations and supplies for your party is going to be a cinch. Think tie-dye, peace signs, and bright whacky colors and you’ll be in that groovy mindset! Did you live through the 60s? Use your memories as inspiration for your 60s party décor. If you didn’t live through the 60s or can’t quite remember (as is the case for many of you who lived through this decade), here are some quick and easy ideas where you can start:

For a Hippie 60s Themed Party:

tie-dye wall decals and tablecloths
peace sign plates, cups, napkins, and utensils
photos or posters of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, and other famous 60s musicians/bands
lava lamps
big yellow smiley-faces, peace signs, trippy looking decorations
VW Econoline Hippie Van stand-up or centerpieces for the tables
replace your light bulbs with groovy colored bulbs
give love beads and flowers to all of your guests to wear

For a Mod 60s Themed Party:

multicolored balloons (yellow, red, blue, and orange as in the picture above)
simple mod-style party decorations (you can even go vintage if you have the money to spend and the time to collect!)
crystal or sparkly chandeliers
champagne flutes (if you don’t want to do champagne, don’t forget the punch bowl and matching cups)
pop art posters on the walls
british flags
chinese lanterns
you could even go space age with moons, rockets, and stars

If all else fails, watch Austin Powers and get inspired! Yeah, baby!
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How to Throw a 1950s Theme Party
So why not throw a 1950s theme party for yourself or a loved one? Use the 1950s theme for a birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party, Halloween party, or just for the heck of it. Check this article out for hip tips on 1950s theme party dec
How to Throw a 1940s Themed Party
If you’re throwing a 1940s themed party for a birthday, anniversary, etc., you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about decorations, costumes, and food for a rockin’ 1940s party.

Potato Platters
Potato Platters | Source
Strawberry Parfait Ring
Strawberry Parfait Ring | Source
60s Themed Food and Drinks

For your 60s themed party, food and drinks is an absolute must. Depending on which specific 60s theme you’re going with, your choice of food and drinks can revolve around that.

For instance, if you’re going with a hippie theme 60s party, you could make brownies and call them “magical brownies”. Hippies also usually love greens, so various salads will be perfect party food and you could include a large fruit bowl and fruit punch. Get creative and put peace signs on cupcakes, smiley faces on potatoes, etc.

If you’re going with a more mod 60s themed party, food and drinks can be a little bit classier. Skim through recipes from the 60s online, or borrow some vintage cookbooks from your local library or grandma! Create a beautifully mod buffet with 60s finger foods and cocktails. Some of your finger foods could include: cheese and fruit on toothpicks, nuts of various kinds, tomatoes, radishes, olives, lunch meats, cocktail sausages, shrimp cocktail, and quiche lorraine. As for the cocktails, go with basic beer and wine but you can also include cognac, martinis, etc.

60s Desserts Ideas:

Strawberry parfait ring
Marble cake
Angel food cake
Jello Molds
Peanut Brittle